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J. Mattingly Bottle

Review: J. Mattingly “My Wife’s Gonna be Pissed”

They say there’s no such thing as bad press. Tell that to Jeff Mattingly, founder of Bourbon 30 Spirits in Georgetown, KY. The J. Mattingly label first gained national attention…

Review: Four Roses Al Young 50th Anniversary

One of the many highlights of the Bourbon And Time weekend this past July was spending time with bourbon legend Al Young while sipping the very Four Roses Limited Edition…

Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion bottle outside

Review: Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion #1

In recent weeks, I’ve spoken a lot about Bardstown Bourbon Company as both a business and a tourist destination. Today, I’m going to focus solely on the whiskey itself. BBCo….

Bardstown Bourbon Company Fermentation Room

Bourbon and Time Recap

My Bourbon and Time recap is up and certainly worth a read. Day 1 featured a tour of the Brown Forman Cooperage, a Coopers Craft tasting, followed by a main…

Russel's Reserve Single Barrel

Review: Russell’s Reserve Barrel 17-549 (Rickhouse D)

Russell’s Reserve picks have gotten pretty popular in recent years and for good reason. Wild Turkey really has a knack for producing very different flavor profiles depending on the rickhouse…

Review: Michter’s 20 Year 2018

Michter’s 20 Year commands a pretty penny on a retail store shelf, let alone the secondary market. If you think Pappy and BTAC prices are out of control, Michter’s 20…

Review: George T. Stagg 2018

Here we are again with another George T. Stagg review. My favorite release in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection was at it again in 2018 with yet another (relatively speaking)…

Review: William Larue Weller 2018

The first whisky poured at the Oak Haven tasting was William Larue Weller 2018. WLW and George T. Stagg battle it out year after year for my top BTAC honors….

Oak Haven tasting lineup

BTAC, Michter’s 20, and Boss Hog V Tasting Recap

I recently had the opportunity to try some heavy hitting whiskies at a tasting event at Oak Haven Table and Bar in New Haven, CT. While the main draw for…

Garrison Brothers Distillery

Garrison Brothers Visit and Interview with Donnis Todd

Visiting the Garrison Brothers distillery in November gave me a true “central Texas” weather experience. By the time my trip ended, the weather was in the upper 40s and lower…